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Self Love

“Self-love is not selfish; you cannot truly Love another until you know how to love yourself.”

Self love is a state of appreciation for one self. It means to have respect for one self and taking care of one’s personal well being. Its a recognition of the needs of the soul and nurturing those. As per Law of Attraction, everything that's happening outside is the reflection of whatever is going on inside. So only if you learn to love yourself, can you truly love another.

Self loves means not settling for anything less than that you deserve. It is the prime key for mental health and well being. When you understand and respect your self esteem, you will not seek acceptance from outside. This creates a lot of peace and harmony in life, and when things change within, rest everything falls in place.

There are many ways you can incorporate self love.

  1. Be kind to yourself *Talk positively about yourself. Replace the harsh inner voice to something more gentle and warm.

  2. Stop comparing yourself with others *Accept that everyone is different. You are good just the way you are. Trust and love the things that make you different. That is what makes you special.

  3. Celebrate your achievements *Pat yourself in the back for any wins, be it big or small. Acknowledge your accomplishments and keep working on what nourishes your soul.

  4. Pamper yourself * Once in a while indulge in activities that makes you feel happy and relaxed, as it can help in nourishing the soul. It could be a spa treatment, salt water bath or just a drive.

  5. Meditate *Take out time for yourself, to calm your mind and listen to yourself. Breathe mindfully to clear your thoughts and just be your authentic self.

Self love is always growing, evolving and unfolding day by day. So be patient but consistent in this progress. There are many ways to incorporate self love practices. Find your way of connecting with self, find your happy place and be your best friend.

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