Power of Meditation

Meditation is a technique where we can take a few minutes off from the hustle bustle of life and sit in peace. It helps to calm the mind, bring a sense of relaxation and a deeper connect with self. Meditation helps in bringing a balance to the emotional well being as well as overall health.

Personal Experience: I had struggled all my life to meditate, the moment I closed my eyes, the mind was bombarded with thoughts. And that's exactly the opposite of what is meditation is all about. Meditation is supposed to bring you to peace and calmness but it was a chaos for me. It took me several years to understand the power of meditation. Wandering of mind can happen with beginners, what helped me is starting with guided meditations.

There are various types of meditation, however in general it is just a method to sit silently and focus on your breathing. It is ok for the mind to think various thoughts in the beginning, the key is not to be judgmental of self. With music or guidance it is easier to cut off those thoughts and attain a state of focused thinking. Also, one need not sit in meditation for hours. For beginners, just 5-15 min per day is a good start. Once you get into practice you will feel more attracted towards meditating for longer time.

Meditation helps to slower your breathing, thereby reducing the blood pressure and bringing in calmness. It has shown benefits in the brain activity such as improved focus, happiness, better memory, reduced stress and anxiety. It helps in reducing tension related pains such as headaches, ulcers, insomnia. It strengthens the immune system and increases energy levels to carry out daily activities.

Any spiritual discipline always recommend meditation as a daily practice. Once it becomes a part of routine, it can start a spiritual transformation, bringing about more clarity and happiness into life.

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